My Journey to Becoming a Spiritual/Psychic Medium

Oct 06, 2023


When my daughter was just a few years old, I had a trip out to the West Coast. I was flying back on a Friday and I knew that my connection was going to be very tight coming through the Denver International Airport. I was running through the airport trying to make my connection, but if you’ve ever been in the Denver airport, you know how hard it is to go from one end of B to the other end of B. Sometimes it can take up to 20 minutes to get from end to end.

Of course, I missed my connection. I fell to the floor on my knees and cried in the Denver airport. I knew by missing my connection, and it was a Friday night. That meant I was no longer going to be able to tuck my sweet daughter into bed like I had promised her. I would not make it home. A little lesson for my parents out there, never promise something that you can’t keep, especially if you travel for your job.

It was at that moment on my knees in tears at the airport that I knew something had to change. I started learning and exploring things that allowed me to feel more balance and alignment in my life. Even though I knew things needed to change, I wasn’t really sure if what I was doing to grow was working, or if it was the right thing to do. I felt some of the stress dissipate, but I still had a long way to go on my journey. Then another significant thing happened in my life that knocked me to my knees. 

My daughter was a miracle baby. She was an IVF baby and started out as a twin. Every time I see a twin, I often think about that angel baby! We were told we could not have children on our own, so we lost hope for another child. We decided to be grateful for our daughter and move on with life. Until, I magically became pregnant on my own. We were so excited. We told our friends and family, and then at the end of the first trimester, I told my teams at work. I couldn’t believe how lucky we were to have another kiddo! The very next day, I lost the baby. 

I’m sure some of you can relate to that sense of loss and complete emptiness you feel when you lose a baby. Between my corporate job and my personal loss, I just felt like I couldn’t find my way. I didn’t know up from down, and I didn’t know how to get out of it. A dear friend of mine recommended going to see a spiritual medium. I wasn’t sure I even believed in them, but at this point, I was willing to try anything.

I went to a small group reading with Rebecca Rosen, and that single experience changed my life. It was one of those steps that I took to start transforming the way that I showed up in the world. And now one or two times a year I book a reading with Rebecca. In my opinion, she is one of the world's very best spiritual mediums. I feel lucky to be guided and mentored by her.  

About 3 years ago I was getting my annual tune-up from Rebecca Rosen, and she said to me “Kara, I am supposed to tell you that you can do this too“. Of course, I freaked out and thought to myself, there is no way I could become a spiritual medium. I’m just a regular everyday person trying to make it in corporate America and trying to be a good mom, a good wife, a good friend, and showing up well for my community. I certainly didn’t see myself as a spiritual medium. But after a few days, I decided to try the things that I had learned in her books and from her teaching and to see what happened. 

Here’s what I did:

  • I played some high, frequency, meditative music
  • I sat in a comfortable chair with no distractions
  • I quieted my mind and opened my heart to receive guidance 
  • I asked my team in spirit (deceased, loved ones, guardian, angels, higher power) to be there for me and surround me with white protective light
  • I opened my journal with my pen and hand and closed my eyes
  • I continued to listen to music and felt an energy around me (it felt like glittery tingles on my legs and arms and around my body)
  • And then it happened through a process called automatic writing

On November 22, 2020, my entire world changed. I started talking to my Dead Grandpa through automatic writing in my journal. For those of you who do not know what automatic writing is, I like to think of it as talking to someone in spirit form through a journaling practice where you are not in control of what is being written. It was the wildest experience of my life, and from what my guides tell me, you can do it too. 

I want to set the stage for you. I had my eyes closed, I was listening to high-frequency meditation music, and before I knew it, my pen was moving, and it was not from me. I freaked out but decided to carry on with it. At first, as you can see in this picture it was a lot of weird “Happy Birthday Mom” things. And then all of a sudden it said, “My name is Edwin”. That was the name of my grandpa on my father’s side. He goes on to say:

“My mom is there mingling with you, yes there is a white light in your presence. There is a white light in your whole house. There is a white in your house and in your living room. There is a white light in your house. You are surrounded by white light and you are safe.”

This was the start of me becoming a spiritual medium. At first, this process was just for me a connection between me and my grandpa with the help of a bunch of guardian angels. But over time I was able to receive guidance and help for people that I love. 

The first time this happened was in December of 2020 I had a dear friend’s mom who had passed away recently pop into my automatic writing. I felt the energy change, it’s hard to explain, it just felt slightly different…and completely different handwriting. This lady swooped in and said “Kara this is Kathy, I can’t believe I can talk to you. This is such a cool experience. Please tell my daughter to go to the lake of the Ozarks. That’s all I have to say. Thank you, bye “ and she was out.

So naturally, I was freaked out and not sure what to do. Upon advice from my team in spirit, I decided to call my dear friend. I told her that I had a dream about her mother and that her mother wanted her to go to the Lake of the Ozarks. My friend immediately started to cry. I asked her “Are you OK”? She replied, “I have been talking with my cousin about how much we missed each other and how we wish we could see each other. But it’s Covid and we aren’t sure it’s safe. So I prayed last night and asked my mom to please give me a sign. To tell me if it’s safe for me to go see my cousin. We were hoping to meet halfway between where both of us live, and we decided the best location was the Lake of the Ozarks”. She then said to me, “Kara, you are my sign. My mom came to you to tell me it was OK to go see my cousin.”

And that is how I started to be a spiritual medium for other people. I have now done hundreds of readings for people all over the world. From corporate executives to people going through significant times of change personally and professionally, to people who have experienced loss and grieving. And what I can tell you is this, our team in spirit wants to help us. They want to be there to give hope, love, light and support. Whenever you feel a little gut intuition or a sense of knowing that this is the next right thing to do, trust it. It is most likely your team in spirit giving you a little nudge and guidance from the other side.

Wishing you the very best blessings as you continue to go inward on your journey of self-discovery and alignment.


Love and light,



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