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Get ready to experience a deep spiritual connection as we gather virtually each month for some heart-centered intuition, connection and guidance from our teams in Spirit.


James Wedmore

James Wedmore is my business coach, and he is hands-down the best coach I have ever had! My favorite thing about him... he is alsoĀ spiritually aligned, which is a big deal for me. If you have a little whisper inside of you to start your own business, or you need to figure out how to scale the one you have, go check out some amazing free resources from James!


Activate Your Intuition Masterclass

Get ready to increase that gut instinct and trust yourself more when making decisions!

You will learn 7 of the VERY BEST and MOST POWERFUL tips and tools you can use now to activate your intuition, manifest faster and finally live the life of your dreams!


FREE Guided Meditation

Get your free guided meditation to help you ground to Mother Earth energy, clear out any low-vibe energy that came your way, and protect yourself for the day.