Are you ready to let go of the survival mindset?

Discover how to let go of the stress that is causing you to fight to survive every day and step into a life of alignment.

Kara specializes in incorporating her psychic/spiritual mediumship abilities with 25 years of leading in corporate America to provide a transformational coaching experience.

A blended approach of guidance from your team in spirit coupled with a proven Karmic Leader 5-Step Method is the most effective way to help you make lasting changes in your work and life.


You will receive:

Tailored Guidance to help you get unstuck and uncover your blind spots.
Intuitive Coaching that gives you direction on where to go and what to do next.
Unwavering Support to help you get the clarity you need and let go of what no longer serves you.
Game-Changing tools like lifetime access to the Karmic Leader Program content.

The Karmic Leader Method

The Karmic Leader Program teaches you the 5-step method that will give you profound and lasting results in the way you lead!

Get a Baseline

Dive into where your stress baseline is today, we learn how to identify signs in your team and strategies to avoid burn out.

Setting Your Stage

Setting the stage helps you discover powerful techniques for alignment in your daily practice and creating an optimal environment for yourself.

Building Your Toolkit

Delves into the tools available for handling significant challenges that may arise despite your daily approach

Lead With Love

Emphasizes leading with love, covering strength alignment, psychological safety principles, and embracing authenticity and the whole self.

Tell Yourself the Truth

We'll explore science-based techniques to assess leadership alignment and use the information to create a plan for lasting change.

What you can expect:


A fully customized 12-week program.


A total of 10 60-minute intuitive coaching sessions over a 3 month period, with the option to continue on month-to-month. 


24/7 INSTANT lifetime access to the tools and resources within the Karmic Leader Program to utilize in between intuitive coaching sessions.


A fully customized Action Plan to help you stay the course and continue your transformation at the end of the program.


Don't wait to take action.

  • The average person spends over 2 hours a day avoiding life and destressing through scrolling social media.¬†
  • Leaders are in a hustle culture mindset which puts them in a constant fight or flight unhealthy response state.
  • ¬†A 2023 LinkedIn survey stated that 61% of people are considering quitting their jobs.¬†
  • A year from now you are still going to be sick and tired of being sick and tired.¬†


Cami Wacker

Leadership Consultant

"Thank you for sharing your magic with me. I can't properly express my gratitude, this experience was GAME CHANGING!"


 Dr. Lorelle Davies

Chief Financial Officer

Kara has a way of making others feel heard while asking astute questions, and sharing solicitous observations. What I value most and what makes her truly unique is the ability to bring out the best in people while challenging them to improve.

 Brad Walton

Managing Director

If you are seeking a transformative experience, Kara Bunde-Dunn is the go-to expert. Kara's ability to energize people and present complex ideas in a clear and relatable manner is unparalleled. 

1:1 Intuitive Coaching Investment 

The complete 3 month program and lifetime access to the Karmic Leader Program is an investment of 3 monthly installments of $1,111 or Pay in full and save $333.

Your Investment is Fully Backed by our 30-Day Money-Back GUARANTEE! 

We only want happy clients who truly feel Kara is the right coach for them. If after following the guidance for 30 days and you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply email [email protected] and request a full and immediate refund. No questions asked.


But Wait, There’s More 

In addition, you get full access to the Karmic Leader Program, which is a $777 value on its own.

If that isn’t awesome enough on its own, we have sweetened the program with these life-changing bonuses. You also get access to two of Kara’s favorite secret weapons. That is almost $1,500 worth of bonuses! 

BONUS #1 ($155 Value)

Guided Meditation with Audrey

A private 1:1 guided meditation coaching session with Audrey Richards. Audrey Richards believes when you heal yourself first, only then can you offer help to others. Intention is everything. Ms. Richards uses guided meditation, and other natural techniques, to help you detach from old emotions and move forward with ease and knowing. She helps clients around the globe learn new ways of taking control of one’s own healing and health. Ms. Richards holds a Master’s Degree in Science and Acupuncture and a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art.

BONUS #2 ($555 Value)

Natural Leader Assessment and Coaching with Iona

The ability to complete a Natural Leadership Potential Assessment, a Derailer Assessment and receive private 1:1 assessment feedback and coaching from global expert Iona Naismith. Iona is a consultant for PSIGMA LLC, a Houston-based consulting firm that specializes in talent assessment to help organizations select, develop, and retain their most important resource: their people. Holding a doctorate in clinical psychology, Iona offers in-depth understanding and evidence-based strategies to enhance the functioning of individuals and teams.  


Try It Out

If you are still unsure of committing to a 3-month program, try out a 60-minute coaching session today.
This is a great way to see if we are a good fit together and if this program is the right next step.
For an investment of $300, you can experience coaching and guidance in a whole new way.

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About Kara

Learn more about Kara and her journey to finding balance and alignment in the midst of being a senior leader in corporate America.