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Karmic Leader Keynote

 5 powerful techniques to help you become a more karmically balanced leader.

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There is a better way to lead.

Leaders today are stressed out, carrying a lot of anxiety and feeling unbalanced when it comes to leading. They are often giving from an empty bucket and burning out their teams in the process. 


Karmic Leadership

Throughout Kara’s career, and her quest to grow personally and professionally, she has learned some powerful techniques that completely changed the way she showed up for herself and her teams.

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The Karmic Leader Method

The Karmic Leader Program teaches you the 5-step method that will give you profound and lasting results in the way you lead!

Get a Baseline

Dive into where your stress baseline is today, we learn how to identify signs in your team and strategies to avoid burn out. 

Setting Your Stage

Setting the stage helps you discover powerful techniques for alignment in your daily practice and creating an optimal environment for yourself.

Building Your Toolkit

Delves into the tools available for handling significant challenges that may arise despite your daily approach

Lead With Love

Emphasizes leading with love, covering strength alignment, psychological safety principles, and embracing authenticity and the whole self.

Tell Yourself the Truth

We'll explore science-based techniques to assess leadership alignment and use the information to create a plan for lasting change.

What they say about Kara

Kelsey Harmon Finn

VP of Ambassador Community Relations, Compass Group

Kara is an energetic, engaging and thought-provoking speaker. Whether your group is 50 people or 5,000, she shows up completely to make a genuine connection with your audience. You can feel her passion to help others transform the way they lead and show up well for themselves and others.   

Brad Walton

Managing Director, Psigma Corp.

If you are seeking a transformative experience, Kara Bunde-Dunn is the go-to expert. Her exceptional talents as a speaker, facilitator, and coach will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on your organization and your own leadership journey. Kara's ability to energize people and present complex ideas in a clear and relatable manner is unparalleled. 

Dr. Lorelle Davies

Chief Financial Officer, Columbia Gorge Community College

Kara is a gifted speaker that has the ability to connect person-to-person or with large audiences. She has a way of making others feel heard while asking astute questions, and sharing solicitous observations. What I value most and what makes her truly unique is the ability to bring out the best in people while challenging them to improve.

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If you are looking for a dynamic speaker who can help your audience become more karmically balanced leaders, Kara is your choice. Through the art of storytelling, humor, and loads of energy, Kara will leave your audience feeling empowered to make lasting changes in their lives. 

After hearing Kara's engaging and dynamic speech, your audience will:

  • Make small changes in their daily routine.
  • Learn how to use visualizations to achieve goals.
  • Identify signs of burnout and learn ways to prevent it.
  • Realize the power of leading from a place of love.
  • Start to tell themselves the truth in regard to their karmic leadership.¬†

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