Living Life Like You Have a Crystal Ball

Jan 18, 2024

What If I told you I knew what was going to happen before every big sales meeting? I knew what challenges were going to arise. I knew if they were going to move forward. I knew what approach I needed to take to be in alignment. Curious to learn how?

Just like a crystal ball reveals glimpses of the future, our intuition taps into the unseen energies, guiding us with trusted wisdom. It's that gut feeling, the inner compass that whispers truths when words fail.

So how do we do it? How do we tap into our intuition more and learn how to live life like we have our very own crystal ball? 

  1. Trust Your Gut.

We hear this all the time, but what does it mean to trust your gut instincts? When we get a quick hit of inner knowing, that is when we should trust it. When we get into fear and worry we overthink everything. If you catch yourself questioning everything, take a step back and try to connect to your inner voice again

  1. Embrace Change:

Life's crystal ball doesn't show a static future. One thing that I know for sure, change is constant. We could think of this as a bad thing, but it is actually a blessing. When things are going wrong, know that something good is right around the corner! 

  1. Live in the Present.

 When we are in anxiety and fear it is because we are remembering a past hardship or challenge and we are assuming it will happen again in the future. When we tune our energy to the present, we can be more aligned with our own intuition.

  1. Meditate, Tap and Feel. 

Whenever I am in need of clarity around a challenging situation, meditating, tapping and feeling is my secret go-to answer. Play high Hz meditation music, following a TAPPING exercise, and then settle in and listen for the answer. This helps you let go of toxic energy and tune in for a better solution. 

  1. Trust the Signs.

After you have tuned in and connected, trust the answer you receive. Sometimes it isn’t the answer we want, but it is the answer we need. You don’t need to call 5 friends and talk it over, you received the guidance you needed by listening to your body for confirmation. Trust it, act on it.

  1. Everything is a Lesson. 

Treat every challenge as a lesson. When we think of setbacks as an opportunity to learn one of life's big lessons, we come more into alignment. Ask yourself, what is the lesson in this? If someone is triggering you, that means we have an unresolved lesson ourselves. Get curious about what life is throwing your way.  

Trust your intuition; it's the universe's way of dropping hints, like secret messages from the cosmos customized just for you. I can’t wait to be teaching a new training on this very topic. If you would like to listen to your intuition more, join this upcoming FREE LIVE TRAINING





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