Spiritual Medium Readings

While on my spiritual journey, I discovered the power of intuition and have been blessed with the ability to be a spiritual medium. I use this incredible gift as a tool to help people like you learn how to live a life of fulfillment, alignment and balance. From executives seeking career advice to individuals going through a significant time of change to people who have lost someone special.  

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What to Expect

Many people seem to find their way to me who have never had a psychic or spiritual reading. If that is you, don't stress, I will be here to hold your hand and help you through it. Here is what the process will entail:

  • A day or two before your reading think about questions you would like to have answered.
  • Take a few minutes to meditate and ask your team in spirit to show up for you. "Spirit Team" is just a fancy way to say your guardian angels and deceased loved ones. 
  • Be open to receiving information and help. We will set an intention to ensure that only messages come through that are for your highest and best good.
  • Each reading is blocked for 45 minutes. It will start and end with a short meditation to help raise our energy and connect with our team in spirit.  

Book a Reading

If this sounds like something that could benefit you, book a reading today.

It is $200 for a 45-minute reading.


My Journey To Mediumship Video

Curious about how it all started for me? Check out this video explaining my journey to becoming a psychic medium.

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Book a Reading

If this sounds like something that could benefit you, book a reading today.

It is $200 for a 45-minute reading.



 "My session with Kara was an absolute gift. She immediately connected me with an important loved one in my life (who passed) in beautiful and profound ways. This alone helped me to appreciate Kara as a real deal spiritual medium.

While I’ve enjoyed previous readings with other spiritual healers, Kara stands out for her big-heartedness, her professional expertise that creates more nuanced interpretations, and her willingness to dive deeper across a range of topics (beyond preliminary information she receives). I left the experience with greater insight and inspiration as I navigate a couple big transitions in my life.

If you’re in a similar place (on the cusp, or in the midst of a big life transition), Kara is a tremendous resource who can help you connect with your greatest sources of wisdom—your intuition and your spirit guides."

- Meghan K.

 “Receiving a spiritual medium reading from Kara was a true gift – one that offered of hope, light, and grounding. I’ve always known Kara to have the innate talent of connecting with people and putting them at ease; this experience was no exception. 

She made me feel comfortable and cared for as she clearly communicated messages of encouragement and love from my spirit team. If you are open to being vulnerable, curious about deeper pieces of yourself, and interested in learning about the loving guides around you, I highly recommend you share a reading with Kara. May it be a gift to you, too.” 

- Trisha B.

"Dear Kara, The time spent with you, and my sisters, was an incredible experience. One that my sisters and I continued to process while we were together, and since we've parted. I think it brought us closer together, and especially offered steps of healing for my sister.

I've told close friends, and family, about the experience. One cousin requested your contact information, which I sent to her.

One of the takeaways from our Dad was that when we see a blue jay, he’s making his presence known. My sister in Nebraska rarely sees blue jays in the winter, but there’s been one hanging around the past few weeks. When we spent a couple of weeks in Portland (where there are not many blue jays), I figured the striking Steller’s Jay visiting us might be a sign.

Spending time with you in a reading lightens burdens, enhances healing and springs forth hope.

Thank you, Kara, for sharing your mystical and powerful gifts!"

- Kristie

Hi Kara! We had our reading last Friday and I wanted to let you know I absolutely loved it all. I also wanted to let you know I took a pregnancy test Sunday and it was positive! So they were correct that I was pregnant! 🤍

I’ve felt more grounded and content since our reading and am so happy to have crossed paths with you.

I love that a message of colorful birds came through from my mom because I’ve been receiving signs of birds for a very long time. The cup she was wanting me to use has one bright orange bird on it. I’ve been using it everyday since. 🤍

I also wanted to give you some feedback that you made me very comfortable (when I was very nervous) and I really appreciated that. You have a very calming presence.

Thank you again and I have a feeling we may be in touch in the future 🥰

- Megan

I have worked with several spiritual healers, guides and Mediums in my adult life and my experiences with Kara have been the absolute best! I now consider her my spiritual coach, lol. She not only has brought me many meaningful messages from my passed loved ones, but she has helped guide me through some of the toughest times that I’ve experienced. Her ability to connect and her insight has been integral in my healing and spiritual journeys. I often call her up for a spiritual tuneup!! She is a gift. You will not be disappointed if you choose to work with Kara!

- Kristen D.