New Flex: Work on yourself more.

Nov 17, 2023

Why are we so attached to job titles and what we do for a living?

If you look at my resume it reads like a “how-to guide” to climb the corporate ladder. I started as a manager, then director, VP, SVP and eventually the illustrious “Chief” title making it to the C-suite. I set my sights on getting to where I wanted to go in my professional career and wore each rung on that ladder as a badge of honor.

When people asked me about myself, I always led with what I did for a living and then shared things like I am also a wife and mom. After some career conversation had been exchanged, I would then ask things about their personal lives and share fun things about myself too.

Especially in America, why are we so consumed with our titles and career accomplishments? We often will describe ourselves by our career title. I am a doctor, lawyer, salesperson, teacher, entrepreneur… and the list goes on and on. 

What if instead, we answered with things like: I am an adventure seeker, I am a deep meditator, I am interested in humanitarian issues, I love to help solve problems because I see solutions others can’t. 

I would love for us to lead with who we are instead of what we do. 

Individuals are changing and becoming more introspective. The world is also changing around us faster than we may like. I think it is time for a NEW FLEX. When someone asks you what you do for a living, DO NOT tell them your job title or the name of the company where you work. Instead, tell them this: “I live my life with purpose and intentionality”. When they laugh and ask you again what you do for real,  tell them this, “I continually work on being a better person”.

This response is sure to spark some interesting conversations about how much emphasis we put on our work. Many of us seek validation and attention for our career accomplishments and have too much of our self-identify tied up in our job titles. Hopefully changing the narrative will serve as the foundation of a much more deep and meaningful exchange between two curious people. 

If you need some additional prompts to help you keep the conversation out of the career weeds and more high-vibe, try these questions. 

What lights you up?

What brings you joy?

How have you helped someone today?

What hobbies are you into?

Have you read (insert name) book?

Let the New Flex of working on yourself be more meaningful than the work you do for a paycheck!


Love and Light my friends,



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