The 12 Rules of the Universe for Business Leaders

Dec 16, 2023

After spending 25 years in corporate America, there is one thing I know for sure. Leaders are constantly seeking ways to gain a competitive edge, foster innovation, and drive success. What if instead of spending all of your time on strategic planning, forecasting and goal setting you shifted your energy to the deeper universal principles that transcend industries and organizational structures. These are the 12 Universal Rules of the Universe that can guide business leaders on their journey to success and make 2024 your best year ever. 

1. Law of Cause and Effect:
Just as every action has a reaction, every decision in business has consequences. Consider the ripple effect of your choices, whether they are related to product development, team management, or market positioning. Understanding the interconnectedness of actions and outcomes is key to making informed decisions. As yourself, what is the ripple effect of this decision? 

2. Law of Attraction:
Positive energy attracts positive outcomes. Cultivate a workplace culture that fosters optimism, collaboration, and creativity. The energy you and your team emit will shape the atmosphere within your organization and influence the relationships you build with clients and partners. Have you ever really felt an icky vibe when you are around certain people? Don’t be that person! 

3. Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy:
Energy is never created nor destroyed; it merely changes form. Channel your energy and resources wisely, adapting to the ever-changing landscape of the business world. Change is inevitable, embrace change as an opportunity for growth and transformation.

4. Law of Correspondence:
The macrocosm reflects the microcosm. Align your business strategies with your values and vision. Ensure that your internal practices and external interactions mirror the principles you hold dear, creating an aligned and authentic organizational identity. There's an old Spanish proverb that translates roughly to the saying 'the cobbler's children have no shoes'. Don't be the kind of leader or company that doesn't practice what they preach.   

5. Law of Polarity:
Opposites coexist to create balance. In business, challenges and opportunities go hand in hand. Embrace adversity as a catalyst for innovation and growth. Ask yourself and your team, “How can this challenge be our best blessing and turn into our competitive advantage?” This law is also true when hiring. I strongly encourage you to hire individuals who round out your team instead of people who are just like you. 

6. Law of Vibration:
Everything in the universe vibrates at a specific frequency. Your thoughts, emotions, and actions contribute to the vibrational energy of your business. Maintain a high vibrational frequency by fostering a positive mindset, encouraging creativity, and promoting a supportive work environment. I love asking people if you have ever been around someone who sucks all of the energy out of you? Most people say yes. This may even be you. Take a moment to reflect on the type of energy (not energizer bunny energy) you bring to a group. 

7. Law of Relativity:
Everything is relative; nothing is good or bad unless compared to something else. Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and learning. Frame setbacks in the context of the broader journey and use them to propel your business forward. Everything is also based on the context in which you see the information. If you are stuck, try viewing it from a different angle. For example, have you ever heard of the V-Bar? What about the Thigh Master? Guess what, they are the same product with different branding. try seeing your challenges from a different angle. 

8. Law of Rhythm:
Life operates in cycles and rhythms. Understand the natural flow of your industry, market trends, and economic cycles. By recognizing and adapting to these rhythms, you can make more informed decisions and navigate through periods of both growth and contraction. Sometimes staying your course is a better choice than chasing a trend that will have a short shelf life. Focus more on the value you are providing and the impact you are making on your customers, and less on chasing the latest trend. Everything has a way of coming back around, even stone-washed jeans and hypercolor shirts. 

9. Law of Gender:
Every creation involves both masculine and feminine energies. In business, balance strategic thinking with empathy, competition with collaboration, and decisiveness with flexibility. Embrace the diversity of perspectives within your team to foster a holistic and inclusive business approach. Most organizations operate mostly from masculine energy (hard skills), try leaning into your feminine energy (soft skills) and see what magic happens! Also, can we stop defining skills as hard or soft, they are all skills and some are easier to master than others! 

10. Law of Non-Resistance:
Resistance to change or challenges hinders progress. Accept that change is inevitable and view challenges as opportunities for innovation and improvement. Embrace a mindset of adaptability, and your business will be better equipped to thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape. And for the love, please stop answering why you do things a certain way with "because it is how we always have done them". Trust me, no one wants to hear that as the business reason. 

11. Law of Divine Oneness:
All things are connected in the universe. Recognize the interconnectedness of your business and your people with the global community. Embrace ethical practices, corporate responsibility, and sustainable initiatives to contribute positively to the greater whole. If you don't, it will all catch up with you at some point. Do the right thing the first time. It may seem more difficult at the time, but you will never regret leading with your ethics. Are you being radically honest with your people and your customers? 

12. Law of Compensation:
The universe compensates for every action taken. Strive for excellence, provide value, and cultivate a culture of fairness within your organization. Your efforts will be reciprocated in the form of satisfied customers, loyal employees, and sustainable success. In the end, it will all catch up with you, and doing the right thing will be rewarded, even if it takes longer than you want. 

As business leaders navigate the complexities of the corporate world, try incorporating one, a few, or maybe even all of the 12 Universal Rules of the Universe into your mindset for 2024. This shift might just serve as the transformative approach to leadership you and your company need. By aligning with these principles, leaders can not only drive their businesses toward success but also contribute positively to the world. Embrace these universal truths and watch as your business and you grow beyond your wildest dreams!

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